the core competitiveness of our company has been increased from the economic ability to the culture. The company cannot smoothly implement of each project without the support of the company’s unique corporate culture.
Qicai fully absorbs the advanced enterprise management and operation mode. Combined with its own characteristics, the company creatively forms its own enterprise culture. This invisible strength unites every will of Qicai’s employee, to enhance the cohesion of the company, to provide the endless power for the development of Qicai.


Business Vision

And strive to become a world-class environmental
technologyIntegrators and solution provider

Qi Cai environment adhering to the “world as it is also the color,” the lofty philosophy of environmental protection, out of a path of sustainable development in the industry, and always maintain the initial belief, we continue to create the possibility of looking forward to unlimited future.
Qi Cai environment, perseverance, year after year for the sewage treatment enterprises to provide efficient and comprehensive sewage treatment programs;
At the same time, the industry will continue to assimilate cutting-edge talent, tap their own potential, to optimize technical solutions, and improve the level of pollution control and ability to become a world-class environmental technology integrators and solution provider.

Our Mission

Engaging in pollution treatment,
adding tile for beautiful China.

Dream of Qicai Eco · Innovation Works


is not only the basis for the sustainable management of the company, but also the value of making our biggest efforts to every customer.
Innovation is not only the vitality of a company and the products, but also the primal power of the company.
The leap of technology determines the future of a company.
From the beginning, Qicai Eco has taken the technology innovation as the fundamental of the company development. In order to inspire the innovation awareness and passion of all employees, to create the most creative company, we set up an innovation works which called Dream of Qicai Eco. All these mean that we combine internal and external innovation systems and cultures, to meet the customer needs with excellent quality, value and service.
Innovation management mode
Innovation is from originality to new technology, and then to new products, and then put them on the market through the right business model.

Not forgetting early mind, universal love society


carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation distress the poor, to unite Qicai people, and to build fraternity character, the company sets up a “Qicai Charity Foundation” to care for and help disadvantaged persons and poor students due to unexpected events, major diseases lead to economic difficulties. The foundation has invested certain amount of money annually by the company to support the charity activities with special purpose. The foundation has helped 22 persons, including 20 undergraduates and 2 graduates.